Эд Ширан - Shape of you

Эд Ширан - Shape of you

Эд Ширан - Shape of you
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  • Размер: 9 MB
  • Длительность: 3:55
  • Качество: 320 kbps
  • Опубликовано: 2024-01-09 09:45:31
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Текст песни
Ed Sheeran - Shape of you

A club isn't the best place to find a lover
So the bar is where I go
Me and my friends at the table doin' shots
Drinkin' fast and then we talk slow
And you come over and start up a conversation with just me
And trust me, I'll give it a chance now
Take my hand, stop, put Van the Man on the jukebox
And then we start to dance and now I'm singin' like

Girl you know I want your love
Your love was handmade for somebody like me
Well come on now, follow my lead
I may be crazy, don't mind me
Say Boy, let's not talk too much
Grab on my waist and put that body on me
Well, come on now, follow my lead
Come come on now follow my lead

I'm in love with the shape of you
We push and pull like a magnet do
Although my heart is fallin' too
I'm in love with your body
And last night, you were in my room
And now my bed sheets smell like you
Every day, discoverin' somethin' brand new
Well I'm in love with your body
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