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  • Опубликовано: 2023-09-30 23:10:00
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Текст песни
Мовемент Айвори
Мовемент Ivory

Used to think about you when
I should start to feel this weight
What I give you
Holding how I want it off not as if you had enough
Does he ask you
You still see, you still want
But trust me, he won't give you teach you
I couldn't tell what you want anymore
How to cold you, craving, used to
Cause I never felt you
I never felt you
Now the vision of the new
And you say oh you
To feel

Then years a million years
But you still feel that I won't meet
Can he lift you?
How can she fake a kiss, like release
Can he save you
Close your eyes it's like I never left you
More reason for what you had holding on this is my past
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